How to Dispose of a Ouija Board

In modern times, various divination equipment is available, including the Ouija board, that can be used to communicate with the unseen forces that permeate our world. You may have decided to throw away your Ouija board, or had a negative encounter. So, is there a proper way to get rid of an old ouija board? 

Many people insist on keeping their ouija board around, hoping it will bring them a fortune. This is untrue; the evil spirit within ouija boards has caused physical harm to people. It is important to learn How to Dispose of a Ouija Board once you’re done with it. 

However, this is challenging because ouija boards are notoriously difficult to eradicate. They are too deadly to burn or throw away in the trash because doing so could release the evil demon spirit. Learn how to dispose of a Ouija Board below.

When Should you Dispose of Ouija Board?

Weird things on your board could indicate a malfunction or the intervention of unseen forces. Here is the situation that could force you to dispose of an Ouija Board;

  • If you’ve been considering upgrading.
  • The planchette often moves of its own accord.
  • Planchette reveals occult numbers like 666.
  • Demons’ names begin to be spoken out via the Ouija board.: To the point where it admits its terrible past, the board begins repeatedly saying “evil” words like “DEATH” and the like.

What Would Happen if You Don’t Dispose of Ouija Board the Right way

A spirit imprisoned on an ouija board can control you or a loved one if you don’t know how to handle it or get rid of it appropriately. Smiting or burying the Ouija board is the best option. If the spirits on the board become angry or upset, they may curse you, your home, or your belongings. 

Never burn an ouija board in an attempt to get rid of them since they thrive in high temperatures. Adding more fuel if you accidentally fire the Ouija board will strengthen the evil spirit and make it more widespread. Adding mistletoe to the ashes of the burned Ouija board will prevent any harm from the escaping spirits.

Covering the board in natural fabric or throwing it away with other items like salt, iron nails, diamonds, etc., are two more acceptable disposal methods.

How to Dispose of a Ouija Board 

ouija board

1- Bury Your Ouija Board

There’s a common misconception that you should bury the board with the face down (some even go as far as burying them in the consecrated ground). If you go this route, cover the board or planchette in a cloth so that the two don’t touch while they’re buried.

After you’ve buried the board, you should sprinkle a lot of salt over the top (enough to cover the hole you dug without gaps or holes). The following downpour (it is hypothesized) will wash the salt into the ground and disinfect the plank. If you want to prevent any salt from being washed away by rain, you should apply it just before a storm and then re-salt any areas that become bare.

Observations to make: 

  • To prevent the salt from being blown away before it rains, bury the board just before a storm.
  • If the coating of salt begins to break down or develop holes, replace the missing salt and continue.

2- Dispose of Your Ouija Board Using the Holy Water Method

The Holy Water approach is often cited as one of the best ways to dispose of an Ouija board in a dignified manner. This strategy works by cutting the board into seven pieces and burying them one at a time.

For Christians, the number seven has a special meaning. Therefore, that’s how they get rid of their Ouija boards. Once you have collected all seven fragments, you should sprinkle Holy Water over them and then bury them. All the bad spirits will have to leave your Ouija board now and never return, even after you bury it.

3- Consult a Professional

Consult an expert if you feel uncomfortable using the Ouija board on your own or if the situation seems dire. Someone you trust can serve in this capacity, whether a priest, rabbi or religious leader.

They can empathize with your predicament and will do whatever it takes to clean up your home and keep you safe. Also, they could take care of the board’s disposal for you if they have a better idea of how to do so than you do.

4- Donate Your Ouija Board to Charity

You shouldn’t give away your Ouija board if you don’t want to invite more ghosts into your home. Donating your unwanted item could help someone in need, and many people and organizations gather used goods in preparation for a yard sale to benefit a charitable organization. If a local thrift shop or charity sees value in your Ouija board, you may either sell it to them for cash or swap it in for something you need.

5- Return Your Ouija Board to the Shop

It’s possible to get your money back if you return an item to the store where you got it as long as it hasn’t been too long after you bought it and it’s still in working shape.

It would help if you had receipts or proof that you bought the board from that specific retailer. Since going to court may be your only option if you made an internet purchase and the seller won’t accept a return.

6- Give it to an Antique Shop or a Good Cause

Giving away an Ouija board is another option for getting rid of it. Such artifacts are popular additions to the collections of individuals and shops. Your Ouija board could be much appreciated by a thrift shop, a local charity, or even someone who wants to have some harmless fun at a sleepover but can’t seem to track one down.

7- Dump Your Ouija Board in the Garbage

You shouldn’t have trouble throwing away your Ouija board if you don’t believe in superstitions. Toss it in the garbage like you would any other old board game.

8- Recycle Your Ouija Board

Wrapping the Ouija board in plastic and placing it in a garbage bag is also ideal disposal. Unlike burying or burning, this option has a low environmental impact. An old Ouija board can be put to many different uses. Below, we’ll go over a few examples:

  • You can use the cardboard from your old Ouija board as drawer dividers or lining if you cut it up.
  • You may paint over it and use it as a canvas. It’s also a great surface for wrapping presents.
  • Put the board in a frame and hang it on the wall like a piece of art. It can be used as a wall hanging, a table cover, or a tray.
  • Get creative with the cardboard backing from your Ouija board! Printouts can be adhered to and displayed as art.

How to Bless Your Ouija Board before Disposing

Have some religious ceremony over the board before throwing it away. You can accomplish this through any religious belief or practice. This will prevent any ghosts or demons from finding a means to contact you and force you to utilize the board again.

To be on the safe side, use physical means in addition to prayers. Garlic, iron nails, holy water, and salt are only a few examples of the many items believed to repel and prevent the presence of evil.

You can conceal your Ouija board by building a simple enclosure. Use natural materials to cover the board and planchette (such as cotton or silk). You can add garlic, bell pepper, or other ingredients. Diamonds and quartz are only examples of the many crystals possessing powerful defensive properties. They are a bit pricey, but including them in the box ensures that the ghosts will be sent away for good.

Finally, you can close the box with iron nails after filling it to the top with salt. Using rock salt or sea salt is more effective in absorbing negative vibes. If you can pull off all of these measures simultaneously, you will be able to keep harm at bay and ensure your safety.


An Ouija board can be discarded for a variety of valid reasons. Picking one up randomly and using it can result in possession by demons or other paranormal events, so it’s not something to be taken lightly. In addition, Ouija boards aren’t good for people’s psyches because they can be used to contact evil and deceptive spirits. This guide on how to dispose of an Ouija board should give you insight into the Do’s and Don’t when you discard one.

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