How to Dispose of a Dreamcatcher

If you have a dream catcher and decide you no longer desire it, you may be curious about how to dispose of it. Since the dream catcher has served its purpose and caught your worst fears, it is important to properly dispose of it. 

The terrible dreams your dream catcher has gathered over the past weeks, months, or years can be released in one of two ways: by leaving it in the sun for a day to cleanse it or burning it. The original dream catcher tribe utilised this method to expel evil spirits from the device. Learn more about how to dispose of a dreamcatcher below. 

What Is a Dreamcatcher?

A dreamcatcher is a handcrafted ornament constructed from a woven willow hoop with beads and feathers hanging off one end. It is typically draped over the crib or beside the bed to shield your loved ones from nightmares and evil spirits.

You might think of dreamcatchers as apotropaic charms that shield you from all negative energy, not simply the kind that causes terrible dreams. The Lakota people have folklore about dreamcatchers in which positive dreams and ideas are said to be captured by the web, while evil ones fall through the center hole and disappear forever.

Why Do You Need to Dispose of a Dreamcatcher?

You may need to consider getting rid of a dreamcatcher if your dream is damaged or broken and cannot be repaired, if it becomes too old or unclean, if it stops working properly, and if you continue to have nightmares.

When to Dispose of a Dreamcatcher?

The following are some scenarios in which you might want to get rid of your Dreamcatcher:

  • Whenever your Dreamcatcher becomes worn-out or soiled
  • If your Dreamcatcher breaks and can’t be fixed, it won’t work anymore.
  • Whenever a new dreamcatcher is required to replace an old one
  • If your Dreamcatcher isn’t doing its job and you still can’t sleep.

You should follow some standard procedures while getting rid of a broken dream catcher or replacing an old one.

How to Dispose of a Dreamcatcher – 7 Simple Ways


1- Burn Your Dreamcatcher

One common method of disposing of a dreamcatcher is to burn it. This practice of throwing things into a dreamcatcher stretches back to the early days of the practice. If you want to get rid of your nasty dreams for good, burning your Dreamcatcher is one possibility.

Follow proper fire precautions if you choose to burn your Dreamcatcher. On the safe side, you should wear a face mask, gloves, and safety glasses.

2- Cleanse Your Dreamcatcher

A dreamcatcher should be cleansed to remove any remaining negative energy or unpleasant dreams before it is thrown away. Not doing so is seen as a major sign of disrespect in some Native American societies.

Here are the measures you must take to purify your Dreamcatcher:

  • Clean off any debris or dust from your Dreamcatcher.
  • Place it somewhere where it will get plenty of sunshine.
  • Do not touch it for at least 4 or 6 hours after leaving it in the sun.
  • Voila! You have successfully cleansed your dream catcher of any negative energies or influences.

After a dreamcatcher has been cleaned, it might be discarded or given to a new owner.

3- Bury Your Dreamcatcher

Burying your Dreamcatcher is another eco-friendly disposal option. Though it’s possible that burying a dreamcatcher would work, it’s not necessarily the best course of action. Some say that burying a dreamcatcher won’t totally rid you of bad dreams, while others insist that it will. Burying it should be your final alternative if you want to be sure your dreamcatchers are disposed of properly.

4- Give Your Dreamcatcher Away to Someone

If your dreamcatcher is not broken or damaged, you can give it to someone else. By doing so, you may rest easy knowing that your Dreamcatcher is in good hands and will not be misused in the future. Wrapping your Dreamcatcher in good packaging will help it look more presentable if you plan to give it as a present.

5-  Donate Your Dreamcatcher

If you’re going to donate your Dreamcatcher, you should get it in tip-top shape. Contact your local community center, shelter houses, or online community service groups to see whether they will accept your dreamcatcher donation. 

6-  Sell Your Dreamcatcher Online

Selling your handmade Dreamcatcher online is a great way to bring in additional cash. In addition to placing an ad on eBay, you may also try searching for relevant Facebook groups or the Facebook Marketplace.

It’s possible to sell your Dreamcatcher online if it’s in good condition. If you plan on selling your Dreamcatcher, you must first do the cleansing procedure.

7- Recycle Your Dreamcatcher

Now that we’ve covered all the options for getting rid of dreamcatchers, it’s time to discuss recycling them. Luckily, your Dreamcatcher may be reused repeatedly if you disassemble it and put the parts to other uses.

How Should You Not Dispose of a Dreamcatcher?

Tossing your dream catcher in the trash is not the proper way to dispose of it. At the very least, it ought to be washed before being discarded. You also don’t want to destroy it in any manner, because doing so will release the bad dreams and make them return to torment you in the form of nightmares.

I would not recommend selling or giving away your dream catcher. No one wants to give up control of their dream catcher once they’ve sold it, which is why you don’t find too many used ones on the market. If it contains many of your worst fears, the person who buys it from you may accidentally release them if they mishandle it or fail to dispose of it properly.

Is it a Bad Thing if Dreamcatcher is Damaged?

You shouldn’t just toss your dream catcher in the garbage when you’re done using it. You also don’t want to destroy it in any manner, because doing so will release the bad dreams and make them return to torment you in the form of nightmares.

It’s best to err on the side of caution and perform the cleansing ritual on your shattered Dreamcatcher to release any lingering negative energy.

How Long Does a Dreamcatcher Last?

After a given period, a dream catcher will no longer be as effective as it was when it was first made. The number of dreams caught, the dream catcher’s method of construction and the size of its web are all factors determining how long one can use their dreamcatcher. Remember that dream catchers don’t go bad; they only lose some effectiveness with time.

On average, a dream catcher will only be effective for around two years before it starts to lose its power. If the dream catcher’s web is broken, then all the unpleasant dreams will escape. If you wish to get rid of your dream catcher, you shouldn’t break it because that will let all your unpleasant dreams back in. 


Reusing an old dreamcatcher is a great way to help the environment without sacrificing style. There are many methods of disposal available; whichever you choose, do so with due reverence. Recycling a dreamcatcher is the way to go if you’re trying to do your part for the environment.

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