How To Dispose Of Fireworks

The excitement of fireworks can captivate an audience, creating an unforgettable experience at gatherings or during intimate family moments. However, once the spectacle concludes, you may wonder how to dispose of fireworks safely.

Handling fireworks with care is critical as improper disposal could lead to severe injuries or even fires. It’s essential to approach fireworks with the highest level of caution and respect.

In this guide, we’ll explore the best practices for fireworks disposal to ensure the safety of both you and your community. With an overview of do’s and don’ts, along with practical safety advice, we’ll help you responsibly manage your post-celebration fireworks. 

So, Let’s dive in and learn how to securely rid your life of these dazzling but hazardous items.

Safety Precautions for Disposal:

Safety precautions for the disposal of fireworks are important to follow in order to ensure safe and responsible use. Fireworks can be a fun and exciting activity but they can also be dangerous when not used properly. According to projections from the CPSC, injuries from fireworks increased by 25% in the United States between 2006 and 2021 which tells us about the importance of proper disposal. Here are five safety precautions to ensure the safe disposal of fireworks.

1. Ensure that all fireworks are completely extinguished before disposing of them. This can be done by dousing them with water or by leaving them in a bucket of water until all embers and sparks have been extinguished.

2. Wear protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and a face shield when handling the fireworks. This will help to prevent any injuries or burns should the fireworks unexpectedly light.

3. Store the fireworks in a secure and safe place away from children, pets, and flammable materials until they can be disposed of safely.

4. Dispose of the fireworks in accordance with local regulations. Some places may have specific regulations, such as requiring fireworks to be put in a designated container or at a designated firework disposal site.

5. Never attempt to relight a firework. If a firework has not gone off, it should be left alone and disposed of according to the above steps. Attempting to ignite a firework again is extremely risky and may result in serious injury.

Can I put fireworks in the garbage?

No, you should not put fireworks in the garbage. Fireworks contain hazardous materials that can pose risks to sanitation workers and the environment. Instead, contact your local waste management facility or fire department for proper disposal instructions.

Are fireworks recyclable?

Fireworks are not recyclable. They are made up of materials such as paper, gunpowder, and metals that cannot be easily separated or repurposed through traditional recycling processes.

How to Dispose of Fireworks?

Dispose Of Fireworks

Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate any special occasion, especially holidays and festivals. 

However, they can be dangerous if not handled and disposed of properly. It is important to know how to dispose of fireworks safely and responsibly otherwise they can have serious environmental consequences. Here’s a step-by-step guide to disposing of fireworks responsibly. 

Step 1: Soak

The first step in disposing of fireworks is to soak any unlit, defective, or exhausted pyrotechnics in water. To do this, submerge them in a large basin or bucket and let them soak overnight.

Fireworks must be completely submerged and not just sitting on top of the water. This will ensure that all debris and hazardous materials are fully saturated and will not be hazardous when disposed of.

Step 2: Wrap

Once all of the fireworks have been soaked, it’s important to drain the excess water and put them in a sealable plastic bag. This will help keep the moisture in and ensure that the fireworks do not become dry once more. It’s also important to make sure the plastic bags are sealed properly to prevent any water or debris from leaking out.

Step 3: Dispose

Finally, fireworks should be disposed of properly. The best way to do this is to place them in your trash container. You should never put fireworks in a recycling or yard waste bin, as they can become a hazard in those locations.

Additionally, fireworks should be kept away from any electrical appliances and should be stored in a dry, cool location. If your local fire station has a collection bin for unused fireworks, you can take them there as well. 


How to store fireworks?

Fireworks are best stored in a cool, dry place away from any ignition sources such as heat, sparks, flames, or electrical outlets. It is also important to store fireworks in a well-ventilated area. It is recommended to keep fireworks in a sealed container to prevent moisture from getting in and to keep children out. It is also a good idea to check the fireworks for any signs of deterioration before use.

Can you reuse fireworks?

No, fireworks cannot be reused. Fireworks are designed to be used once and discarded after use. Reusing fireworks can be dangerous as the chemicals and propellants in the fireworks can break down over time, causing unpredictable and potentially dangerous reactions.

Will fireworks work after being wet?

No, fireworks will not function after being wet. When wet, the powder inside of the fireworks can become clumped together, and it may also become damp enough to prevent a spark from occurring. Additionally, the moisture can cause the fuse to malfunction, and the entire firework may become unreliable. It is best to avoid using fireworks that have gotten wet.

Can you pop old fireworks?

No, you should never attempt to pop old fireworks. Fireworks that are expired or damaged can be extremely dangerous. The material inside them may have deteriorated and become unstable, which could lead to an explosion or fire if they are lit. Make sure you dispose of old fireworks properly and safely.


The proper disposal of fireworks is an important safety measure that should not be taken lightly. When disposing of fireworks, always remember to use proper safety precautions, such as wearing protective gear, being aware of the surrounding area for potential hazards, and being aware of local laws and regulations. Additionally, proper disposal methods should be used, such as burying or soaking the fireworks in water before throwing them in the trash.

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