How to Dispose of a Mirror Without Bad Luck

Mirrors are a necessary part of our lives. We use them every day to get ready for our day, make sure we look presentable, and check ourselves throughout the day. But what can you do when you want to replace the mirror entirely or it’s broken? Can you simply throw it away in the trash? Or is there a special way to dispose of a mirror so you don’t suffer bad luck?

The relationship between mirrors and spirituality is deep-rooted and ancient. For those who believe in superstitions and traditional practices like feng shui, mishandling a mirror could result in grave consequences. Removing one from your home, for instance, might bring you misfortune if you don’t know how to dispose of it properly. 

In this article, we will discuss with you how to dispose of a mirror without bad luck after breaking it. We will also tell you about some spiritual consequences of breaking a mirror and how to get rid of any bad luck after throwing out the mirror.

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What Could Happen If You Break A Mirror? 4 Spiritual Consequences

A broken mirror can have many causes, but one of the most common is that it is old. Mirrors need to be properly annealed in order to prevent them from cracking, and temperature fluctuations can also lead to cracks. Some people believe that there may be spiritual symbols associated with a broken mirror. This belief that breaking a mirror brings bad luck has been drilled into our consciousness for centuries by spiritualists and psychics who believe mirrors are a portal to other realms as shown in this study.

1) Low self-esteem or A negative self-image

A cracked mirror is an omen that your self-image is about to suffer. It may also be a sign that you are too humble and not recognizing your good qualities. When a mirror breaks, it can feel like your confidence has been shattered along with the glass.

You may start to see yourself less positively and begin to doubt yourself and your abilities. This can lead to a cycle of negative self-talk, low self-esteem, and even depression if you don’t take the necessary steps to shift your perspective.

2) A sense of irresponsibility

A broken mirror can also symbolize irresponsibility, meaning you are not careful with things that matter. For some people, breaking mirrors becomes a bad habit that reflects their negative personality traits. People who lack self-control often find themselves in situations that lead to broken mirrors, and this can affect them negatively.

3) Misfortune

If you break a mirror, then you will be cursed with bad luck for the next seven years. It does not matter if you have good health or bad health, as breaking the mirror will bring misfortune in your life. As a result, you may start to experience poor health.

The Roman belief is that after seven years of bad luck brought on by a broken mirror, your life will renew itself and improve. You’ll feel healthy and physically fit again if you remain strong during the seven years of misfortune. You’ll start to see changes in your life–for example, sudden improvements in your health.

4) Deception

Mirrors symbolize the truth because they often reflect light. Lights, in turn, are symbols of wisdom, awareness, and illumination. If you break a mirror, then you will experience bad luck as though you had invited untruth into your life – but unintentionally.

As a result of this, there are countless untruthful things that people can do to you, like lying or cheating. This betrayal not only negatively impacts you emotionally, but it can also cause a series of bad lucks for a long period of time.

How to Dispose of a Mirror Without Bad Luck

When it comes to disposing of a mirror, many people wonder if there’s any way to do so without bringing bad luck. Rest assured, there is no need to worry! The correct disposal of a mirror will not bring any bad luck your way. 

According to EPA, almost 7.6 million tons of glass waste ended up in landfill sites in 2018. This horrific data shows us just how important it is to dispose of mirror glass responsibly, to keep our planet clean and free from pollution.

1. Local recycling centers:

If your mirror is in decent condition, you can take it to the local recycling center. They will be able to safely dispose of the glass and recycle the frame. Also, many places have special recycling days when they take in mirrors.

2. Donate it:

One of the best ways to get rid of your old mirror is by donating it to a thrift shop or local charity. Not only will you be helping out those in need, but you’ll also be keeping the mirror out of the landfill. Most places that accept large donations offer pick-up services, so you don’t have to worry about lugging it there yourself!

3. Give the mirror away to a friend:

If you want to get rid of a mirror without fearing bad luck, gifting it to a friend or family member is the way to go. Make sure to add sentimental value by sharing the story behind the mirror with your loved one. In doing so, you’re giving the object new life as well as any good or bad fortune associated with it.

4. Bury the Mirror:

To bury the mirror, go to a safe place like your backyard or a park. Digging a hole in the ground and burying it will stop any more bad luck from happening. This is considered a good way to get rid of a mirror without causing negative consequences.

5. Burn it:

Burning the mirror is one of the more dramatic methods for getting rid of bad luck. Place the mirror in a fire-safe container and allow it to be consumed by the flames. This is not a recommended option, as it releases harmful fumes into the atmosphere. However, if you are determined to do this, make sure to take proper safety precautions and dispose of the ash properly. 

6. Sell it:

Selling your mirror is another great alternative. There are many online marketplaces where you can sell used items, or you can try selling them through a yard sale. Just make sure, to be honest with potential buyers about the item’s history and condition. 

7. Break it up:

If all else fails, you can take the mirror apart and break it up into smaller pieces. Make sure to wear safety glasses while doing so, and be sure to dispose of the pieces responsibly. This is a safe and easy way to get rid of an unwanted mirror.

Although you now know how to get rid of your mirror without having bad luck, make sure to take the necessary safety precautions before starting. No one wants anything terrible to happen while getting rid of an old mirror–better safe than sorry!

How Dispose Of The Broken Mirror?

Dispose of a Mirror Without Bad Luck

 If you have a broken mirror, there are some specific steps you need to take to properly dispose of it and avoid any potential bad luck.

  • First of all, wear safety goggles and protective clothing when handling the broken mirror. This will protect your eyes from any shards of glass that may fly up while trying to break it down further. Too, don’t forget to wear safety gloves so you don’t cut yourself.
  • Secondly, gather all the pieces of the mirror. It’s important to make sure you have all of them so that no one accidentally steps on a shard and gets cut. Once you have all the pieces, wrap them in a thick towel or a few layers of newspaper. This will help to keep anyone from getting cut while you’re disposing of the mirror.
  • Next, take the wrapped mirror outside and bury it in the ground. Dig a hole that’s big enough to fit the wrapped mirror and bury it at least a few feet down. This will ensure that no one accidentally stumbles upon it.
  • Finally, say a little prayer or blessing over the buried mirror. This is just a precautionary measure to help ward off any bad luck that might be associated with the broken mirror.

With these steps, you can safely dispose of a broken mirror without having to worry about bad luck.

How to Dispose Of The Mirror As A Whole?

If you’re sick of your mirror and want to dispose of it but don’t want to break it and cause bad luck, well! then this section is for you. You can get rid of an entire mirror without consequence.

Here is a quick guide on how to get rid of the mirror as a whole:

  • Tape a large “X” on the front and back of the mirror to avoid any shards of glass in case it gets broken.
  • Then, wrap the mirror in bubble wrap for extra cushioning and to avoid potential shattering during transport.
  • Next, clearly mark the box as “fragile.” Just like you would do it with a broken mirror, you should identify a wrapped whole mirror so the garbage collectors will know what they are handling.
  • Gently place the mirror in the trash can outside, being sure to leave it visible. If someone wants to adopt it, they can easily see that it’s available. It’s also a lot safer for you and others if it’s not buried beneath garbage.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Luck After Throwing A Mirror?

Mirror Without Bad Luck

If you have thrown away a mirror and believe it has brought bad luck, there are a few things you can do to try and reverse the curse.

Throw Salt Over Your Left Shoulder:

The most common way to reverse bad luck after throwing a mirror is by throwing salt over your shoulder. It’s also very convenient because everyone has salt in their kitchen. All you have to do is grab a pinch and throw it over your shoulder!

Ever wondered why we throw salt over our left shoulders? If you hit the ground close enough to the devil’s eye, it’ll buy you some time to get away. Supposedly, the devil sits on our left shoulder and by throwing salt at him, we’re able to temporarily blind him. Afterward, people tend to hide underneath tables or beds so they’re completely out of sight.

Rotate or turn in a complete circle three times:

Spinning around three times is a popular method to reverse bad luck in many cultures. Even better, this good-luck ritual requires only yourself – no need to worry if you don’t have any salt on hand! If you break a mirror by accident and get rid of it immediately, spin around three times counterclockwise (towards the left) to confuse the spirits.

Use a mirror shard to touch a tombstone:

Feeling a little risk-averse? No problem. A less spooky method to rid yourself of seven years of bad luck (related to mirrors) is touching a tombstone with a shard of mirror. Many people believe in this method, and it requires minimal effort: visit a cemetery during a full moon, touch the tombstone with the shard for two seconds, and you’re all set.

Light a candle: 

Lighting a candle is believed to ward off evil spirits. If you want to take this route, find a candle of any color that has spiritual meaning for you. Light the candle and meditate for a few minutes to absorb its positive energy. 

How To Reuse A Broken Mirror?

It is necessarily important to dispose of a broken mirror, you can also reuse it in creative ways if you want. There are several productive and resourceful ways to repurpose a broken mirror, as mentioned below:

1. Create a Wind Chime You can use the pieces of the broken mirror to create a colorful wind chime. The reflective pieces will sparkle when they catch the light and the tinkling sound of the wind chime adds pleasant background noise to your outdoor space.

2. Mosaic Artwork – With the broken mirror shards, you can make a vibrant mosaic or even glue them onto a backing to create a new mirror.

3. Jewelry Holder – Create a beautiful jewelry holder with the pieces of the broken mirror. Glue the pieces onto a piece of wood, canvas board, or even an old tray. You can then use the shiny shards to store necklaces, earrings, or charms.

4. Garden Art – Gardeners can add a touch of glamour to their plot by adding shards of broken mirrors to a stake. They will also reflect sunlight and brighten the plants and flowers nearby.

5. Outdoor Decor – Unique outdoor decor can be made by hanging shards of broken mirrors in your trees or on walls. These reflective pieces will shimmer and sparkle in the sunlight, making your outdoor space look stunning.

Why get rid of a mirror?

Many people know the risks of throwing away a mirror, but they still do it anyway. 

People have all sorts of superstitions about mirrors, and many of them involve getting rid of personal belongings. Here are some reasons why:


Mirrors reflect our innermost desires, and we believe that when the surface of a mirror breaks, it means that the person is about to experience some form of bad luck. Some people think that this negative energy can even lead to death. To prevent any further damage, it’s best to get rid of this household accessory entirely.

Death of the Mirror’s Owner :

People dispose of mirrors after their owner dies because they think the mirror might transport the owner’s restless soul. To be safe, they wait 40 days before getting rid of it.

Bad or Pessimistic Feelings:

Some people get rid of mirrors to cleanse their homes from negative energy. If the mirror has been present during particularly difficult events in the past, most people choose to dispose of it. They believe that keeping the mirror may only remind them of pain and suffering from the past, hindering their ability to move forward and improve themselves.

Slightly Damaged or broken:

Finally, homeowners get rid of mirrors that are cracked or shattered because they don’t work anymore and because having one is considered unlucky. It’s just an extra precaution to keep away any bad luck and make sure that no one gets hurt. 


Is a broken mirror a bad omen?

In some cultures, it is said that a broken mirror causes seven years of bad luck. However, many people think this superstition is outdated and have no reservations about shattering a mirror without any fear of bad luck. Ultimately, whether or not you believe the superstition is up to you! 

Can we just throw out the mirror in the trash?

No, it’s important to dispose of broken mirrors responsibly. To avoid potential injury, you should always wrap the mirror in a newspaper or cover it with a cloth before disposing of it. Additionally, it may be a good idea to contact your local recycling or hazardous waste facility for proper disposal instructions. Most communities have regulations on how to properly dispose of broken mirrors, so check with your local authorities before disposing of the mirror. 

What happens if you drop a mirror?

Dropping a mirror not only can lead to shattered glass but as many believe can also bring bad luck and bad demons into your life. Mirrors are considered a lucky charm and hold spiritual power, so by dropping them you could be tempting fate. It is believed that dropping a mirror can bring seven years of bad luck. To prevent all of this from happening, it is best to handle mirrors with care.

Final Verdict

So there you have it! Now you know how to dispose of a mirror without bad luck. Remember to always handle mirrors responsibly and wrap them with a cloth or newspaper when disposing of them. In addition, be aware of the bad luck that is said to come from breaking a mirror, and try to avoid it!

We hope this article has been helpful and provided you with useful information. Good luck!

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