How to Dispose of Plaster

Plaster of Paris

Though frequently used, most people do not know how to dispose of Plaster. Unlike other building materials, getting rid of plaster and its components is not easy. One of the best methods to get rid of old stuff is recycling it, which helps keep the environment safe. In cases like this, it’s best to recycle …

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How to Dispose of a Dreamcatcher


If you have a dream catcher and decide you no longer desire it, you may be curious about how to dispose of it. Since the dream catcher has served its purpose and caught your worst fears, it is important to properly dispose of it.  The terrible dreams your dream catcher has gathered over the past …

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How to Dispose of a Ouija Board

Ouija board

In modern times, various divination equipment is available, including the Ouija board, that can be used to communicate with the unseen forces that permeate our world. You may have decided to throw away your Ouija board, or had a negative encounter. So, is there a proper way to get rid of an old ouija board?  …

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How To Dispose of Toaster Oven

Toaster oven

The toaster became beloved by the family and lasted for many years, gracing them with more than just toast, but also wonderful bagels and English muffins. Now the toaster is no longer working and you consider it trash. So, How To Dispose of Toaster Oven? The most effective ways to get rid of an old …

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How to Dispose of Gunpowder


Do you have old gunpowder and need a safe way to dispose of it? This article discusses eight amazing ways you can use to dispose of gunpowder, including mixing it with damp dirt, trading it online, and lighting it. Before you understand how to dispose of gunpowder, note that it is available in two forms, …

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How to Dispose of Oobleck


Oobleck is a non-Newtonian substance made of water and cornstarch. When left to settle for a while, it resumes a solid state, but it can flow like other liquids once enough pressure is applied. It’s always fun playing with Oobleck but disposing of it is the only downside that most people face.  Most people mistake …

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